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Customized Products

Take it to the next level with specialty products for every occasion.

For the majority of industrial companies, customizing products and services is among the most critical means to deliver true customer value and achieve superior competitive advantage. The challenge is not to customize products and services in itself – but to do it in a profitable way.

MASAR Customized is for professionals who have specific requirements that fall outside the bounds of our catalogs. Whether it is for a few dozen items, or several thousand, depending on the product.

MASAR has the unique capability to provide custom products to meet your specific application requirements. A wide variety of modifications can be applied to any of our basic product groups to result in a customized solution that will meet the most demanding requirements.

We can help you get that competitive edge necessary to be a leader in your industry with a quality customized solution. MASAR has the ability to fast-track design and prepare prototypes for your review within days depending of the level of customization you might require, from labeling or a simple assembly, to a more complex part that will perfectly fit and complement your equipment design.

  Sheet Metal Components

MASAR facility is equipped with state of the art precision CNC sheet metal fabrication equipment. MASAR can produce a wide variety of sheet metal parts from simple brackets to complex chassis and enclosures.

MASAR sheet metal portfolio includes an extensive number of complex components. These include, electronics such as printers and commercial displays, as well as display mounts for hospital communications equipment.

  Industrial Steel-Shelving Units

Metal shelving offers a number of benefits over commercial shelving made from other materials. Over long periods of time, wooden shelves can be subject to moisture rot and mold in extremely humid climates. Plastic has nowhere near the weight capacitance of metal or wood.

Metal itself varies in weight and can be anything from lightweight aluminum to heavy-duty industrial steel.

Metal shelves feature superior impact resistance to normal wear and tear, and many are even designed specifically to withstand accidental impacts from forklifts and other material moving devices.

Metal shelving units can also be one of the longest lasting materials in your inventory if manufactured with the right powder coat finishes that block out the oxidizing effects of the air.

  Sheet Metal Prototype

Prototype Trims, Prototype instrument and control panels finished to perfection at our extensive in-house facilities, CNC equipment are able to produce finished prototypes prior to the final production run.

MASAR experience in sheet metal ranges from simple stampings using CNC equipment for low volume applications to permanently tooled high volume parts. Applications include highly aesthetic front panels with graphics, to enclosures, internal bracketry, and all items in-between. Materials include cold rolled steel, hot rolled steel, aluminum, brass and copper.

  ATM queue machine cabinet sheet metal

  • Solid metal body structure
  • High-quality material
  • Metallic spray or powder coating in various colors
  • Customer's designs are accepted

  Photovoltaic Mounting System

Photovoltaic mounting systems are used to fix solar panels on surfaces like roofs, empty plots etc. These mounting systems enable retrofitting of solar panels on roofs or as part of the structure of the building.

  Air Management and Distribution Systems

MASAR for Sheet Metal forming manufactures HVAC systems in institutional, commercial, industrial and residential settings and can design and manufacture all custom metal products.

We offer quality heating, air conditioning and ventilation duct systems and other custom sheet metal fabrication services at very reasonable rates with a quick turnaround.

Our objective? To put a dedicated team with vast experience at your disposal to offer MASAR solutions to your specific requests.

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