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Each home not dispense with small electrical distribution panel in order to ease control and maintenance of any electrical connection.
MASAR Residential Distribution Panels are manufactured to comply with Egyptian customer's need.

  MASAR Distribution Cabinet

  • Cabinet made of 0.8 mm electrostatic pre painted steel sheet with door 1.5 mm.
  • Both sides of panel prepared with easy opening pieces to ease wire connection.
  • Cabinet painted with light beige or light gray electrostatic powder coating. Other colors are available upon request.
  • Solid or with transparent glass door.
  • Cabinet provided with DIN rail and PVC lock.
Description Code Description Code
12 CB Modules 1 Row + MCCB MR-1/12 9 CB Modules 1 Row MR-9
18 CB Modules 2 Rows + MCCB MR-1/18 12 CB Modules 1 Row MR-12
24 CB Modules 2 Rows + MCCB MR-1/24 3Ph Electronic Meter Enclosure MR-3PH
36 CB Modules 2 Rows + MCCB MR-1/36 1Ph Electronic Meter Enclosure MR-1PH

  Power Distribution Cabinet

    The seals are produced using a CNC system with an evenly sprayed mixture from a nozzle moving in 3 axes.
    There are cable openings with removable plugs in the upper and lower walls.
    Carried out according to relevant standards.
    • Cabinet hangs directly on the wall.
    • Optional cabinet accessories include a base plate for mounting electrical equipment.
    Cabinet construction :
        1. welded frame from 1 mm thick sheet steel.
        2. all steel door of 1 mm thickness with foam seals around the edge.
    • Cabinet doors have a frame connected by earthing (grounding) wires which must be properly fixed and inserted into the connectors for the duration of the cabinet's use.

All other dimensions & Colors are available as per client request.

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