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At MASAR, We have an extensive range of network rack and cabinet solutions that will allow you to keep your equipment operating efficiently as well as minimise the risk of problems occurring that may negatively affect your productivity.

Why choose us :

  • High Quality Network Cabinet with Competitive Price
  • Neatly store and secure networking equipments
  • Ensure easy access and monitoring
  • Manage cooling and airflow issues
  • Manage cable issues to reduce clutter
  • Fit your equipment properly in its space with different size and mounting options

Network Racks & Cabinets Products

MASAR provides innovated smooth design and state of the art manufacturing facilities with high quality and style. The racks can be used in various markets and industries. The products are easy to be installed and used by end users. Ships fully collected ready to set in any server room or data center space.

MASAR Racks are very customized to the customers , we can full fil special designs and Requirements with high quality , short delivery time and competitive prices

  • Rack 42u of secure, durable, racking space

    Made specifically to save servers

    • Doors are made of steel with 80% air-flow surpasses OEM air flow needs
    • Doors and sides can be removed and fixed
    • The doors have swing holders as standard. Side panels have two to four cam locks with bottom holds for location
    • Fan trays can be fixed to the top cover without changing worthy U space within the cabinet, additional removable fan unit can be attached
    • Double, triple or quad section can be designed to the 48 U Rack
    • Customize designs for additional door, casters, accessories, and other options

    Rack Features

    • Rigid locked construction
    • Multi depth mounting
    • Many cable access in various sides
    • Left or right hand joined doors
    • Secured side panels
    • Suitable for all major server brands

    Specifications download PDF

    Lead Time 2-3 Weeks
    Rack Units (Size U) 48
    Usable Depth (mm) From 500 to 900 according the required external depth
    Internal Width (mm) 600 or 800 or 1000
    Static Capacity Kg.
    Door Style Meshed door , glass door , solid door
    Weight Capacity 800 Kg. on casters
    External Height (mm) 2240 mm
    External Width (mm) 600 or 800 or 1000
    External Depth (mm) 600 or 800 or 1000
    Color Black or as per requested
    Material Steel
    Warranty One Year Limited
    Manufacturer MASAR
  • Wall-Mount Network Rack

    If you’re short of space in your IT or server room and can’t possibly opt for another floor mounted data cabinet, wall mount cabinets and wall mount racks offer an intelligent and economical space saving alternative solution.
    At Masar, we stock a selection of these products in a variety of sizes, so you can make the most of the limited room you have.

  • Simply put, the key benefit of having a floor mounted data cabinet over one that has been wall mounted is that it becomes infinitely easier and more efficient to install a new server or other piece of equipment. A floor mounted cabinet is also more capable of storing heavier items than a wall mounted computer rack too.
    MASAR is a specialist manufacturer of custom made floor mount cabinets suitable for a range of different applications.

  • Optimize your build with server rack accessories.
    Picking out hardware and a server rack is a small part of the process towards operating efficiently. In order for ideal airflow, you might need blanking panels to create proper pressure. If you want to have a pleasant maintenance experience, you’ll want appropriate cable management.
    The list goes on, but in general, accessories can become necessities in quick time. If you’re not sure where to start, check out our guide that goes over the most important server rack accessories.