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Racks, cabinets and enclosures : Optimize cable and thermal management for improved network availability with scalable, high-capacity solutions that protect, managed and showcase your network investment.

This IT cabinet can be wall-mounted or self standing and is great for organizing your networking equipment. It has key locked removable side panels for easy access, Along with a ceiling fan and venting slots to keep your equipment cool.

Rigid Server Racks manufactured by us are of standard configuration with basic frame which are steel folded. These server racks are very thoroughly welded and are covered from top to bottom, bolted to frame with cable entry exit cut outs. The front of the racks is having glass doors which are transparent and fitted with locks. In some of the models, the doors are of perforated steel which are opaque with locks fitted into them for safety.

Both server cabinet and network cabinet are an enclosure made out of metal to attach the rack mountable equipment. Depending on the sizes and the widths of the cabinets, they can vary from model to model.

Masar offers the latest in quality server & network racks which known for their accurate dimensions, covering less space, longer service life and fine finish.

  Freestanding cabinets

Our freestanding cabinets are built to your specs. And can be extra deep and wide to accommodate all types of servers. All cabinets offer a multitude of options including doors, panels, fans, and more.

Free Standing Cabinet are produced with emphasis on creative design, flexibility, powerful construction and protection for networking and various structured cabling components. Free standing cabinet has functional racking system, modern looks and economical design that have set a new standard for enclosures, racks.

Using our CNC machines Technology and our commitment to provide our customer by the newest Products & technologies, we are providing the highest quality and accuracy for all all rack types indoor or outdoor with all sizes, the big ones (15u, 18u, 27u, 32u, 42u, 48u).

  Wallmount cabinets

For small installations, save space by mounting equipment on the wall. Swing-out wall mount server racks make it easier to access components for maintenance or modification.

Various hinge and panel arrangements offer numerous mounting and fixing possibilities and adjustable access space to reach devices inside the cabinet., This allow our network rack cabinets to be used in almost all locations.

MASAR specialty is server rack cabinets. From us you can order built to specs server rack cabinets, custom configurations, custom cooling, custom cable management, heavy duty and super heavy duty racks and cabinets and special application products.

  • Design Changes : from minor to major modifications to better accommodate location, equipment, cooling and cabling.
  • New Custom Designs - completely new designs with custom features.
  • Custom Colors : choose from our standard colors or order your own.
  • Corporate Logos, Custom Labeling.

  Masar Standard Sizes

Keeping in mind ever-evolving requirements of our valuable clients, we are offering a high-quality range of Server Racks. Our firm specializes in providing our prestigious clients a quality assured Server Racks.

Capacity Product Code Dimensions (W.D.H)
Indoor Outdoor
4U RA454I RA454O 520*400*280
6U RA654I RA654O 520*400*370
9U RA954I RA954O 520*400*505
12U RA1254I RA1254O 520*400*640
15U RA1566I RA1566O 600*600*775
RA1568I RA1568O 600*800*775
18U RA1866I RA1866O 600*600*865
RA1868I RA1868O 600*800*865
22U RA2266I RA2266O 600*600*1090
RA2268I RA2268O 600*800*1090
27U RA2766I RA2766O 600*600*1270
RA2768I RA2768O 600*800*1270
32U RA3266I RA3266O 600*600*1540
RA3268I RA3268O 600*800*1540
42U RA4266I RA4266O 600*600*1990
RA42810I RA42810O 800*1000*1990

All other dimensions and specification are available as per client request.

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