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Focusing on expertise, skills, and experience with a vision to deliver a powerful qualitative product in the traditional sheet metal field.
The success of our company depends on the commitment and efforts of every employee to offer an unmatched level of service to our customers.

MASAR factory based on Borg al Arab Alexandria Egypt and we are operating in Egypt ,Gulf Area and East Africa

Our Main products are:

  • Cable Management System
    (Cable Tray - Cable Trunk - Cable ladder-mesh wires Cable Tray) (HDG - Stainless Steel - Aluminum).
  • Network Rack
    Indoor or outdoor, with all custom sizes , Wall Mounted Rack (2u,4u,6u,9u,12u,15u) Floor Stand Rack (18u,22u,27u,32u,37u,42u, 48u) and Accessories.
  • Electrical Enclosures
    Electrical Panels (Floor Stand Panel-Wall Mounted Panel-Flush Mounted Panel- consoles Panel). Also Electrical Distribution Boards and ups panels.
  • Fire Cabinets
    Fire Hose real cabinets (Single Fire Cabinets- Double Fire Cabinets- Double door Fire Cabinets) (Steel - Stainless Steel).
  • Metal Lockers
    Stainless Steel Locker offered find extensive use in areas like pharmaceutical, hospital or hotel firms and other industry sectors for securely hanging items.

Other customized products & services:

  • Battery Rack frames.
  • Fabrication of solar panels Aluminum or steel frames.
  • Service center offering sheet metal services in punching, cutting and bending.
Cable Tray

Cable Management System

All types of cable trays

L.V. Panels

Electrical Enclosures

Designed with experience

Fire Cabinets

Fire Cabinets

All types & sizes

Network Cabinets

Network Cabinets

The best in Africa

Metal Lockers

Metal Lockers

All kinds of lockers

Machine Technologies

We offer production in high quality and low cost levels using high technology machinery.

As a precision sheet metal facility MASAR offers production, low cost technologies. MASAR success the latest in high tech equipment, operations are being under run by experienced well trained employees at every level. We are electronically linked with our customers from the engineering stage to the final quality inspections prior to shipment, MASAR is as committed to manufacture what you design and/or select. Thus, our business is to fulfill your designated need.

machine 1

Punch Press

machine 2

Press Brake

machine 3

Shearing Equipment

We are ISO Certified

MASAR is an ISO certified company with certification for ISO 9001:2015 Quality Standard



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